Best of International Shorts 2020


DIRECTED BY: Jordi Clusella Arimany

Lucia, a young aspiring actress, earns a living at LOVEOVER, an agency specialized in breaking up relationships on demand. Tatiana, a girl who believes to be living a dream relationship, is left through Lucia, although the end is not what was expected


DIRECTED BY: Carmen Córdoba González

15 years have passed and Roberto is still in love with his neighbor, but she prefers to hide ashamed of her body. With his art and an old clothesline as the only ways of communication, Roberto has a plan to push his beloved for face her monsters at once.


DIRECTED BY: Mattis Ohana Goksøyr

IDanish Amir connects with a local girl, Sarah, on a dance floor in central Oslo. He ends up going home with her, but, halfway into bed, he discovers that she is Jewish. Shocked, he reveals his Palestinian background and makes his exit from the now tense situation. Once outside, he sees that his phone is dead, and, alone in an unfamiliar city, he is forced to knock on Sarah’s door. He asks to borrow her charger and she hesitantly lets him back in. The film is a meeting between Danish-Palestinian Amir and Norwegian-Jewish Sara  


DIRECTED BY: Ami Lindholm

Mother and Milk describes the mental process of becoming a parent - imagined as a catastrophe film. When the baby is born the new mother has to give up the life she knew. A flood of breast milk covers everything - her home, work, friends, relationship and a good night’s sleep. Only after realizing she is a part of the eternal chain of generations, Mother is able to accept the situation and start living her new life in the family. The film’s humour is sharp but warm, and the disaster turns into a newly found acceptance of the change. The film talks about the important subject of breastfeeding in a hilarious and heartwarming way. Although babies are cute, the difficult situations, sleep deprivation and and negative feelings might come as a surprise.



Marion is an American Fine Arts student who travels to France to spend some time. There she meets René, whose falls in love madly and with whom she begins a relationship of which many years later there are only memories left. But memories are not eternal. Life either.