All local film fans, filmmakers and critics are invited to join the Festival as a jury member. All jury reviews will be conducted at our monthly screening, which are held in DC, Bethesda and Baltimore. All individual reviewers will rate each film for different metrics such as story, editing, audio, screenplay, climax and other features.

Apply for Festival Jury:


Where are the films shown? All jury screenings are conducted in executive conference rooms with 50-60 inch screens

How do we judge the films? All sessions have a short intro on key criteria for judging. Anonymous surveys can be completed on-line or on paper

How are the judging sessions conducted? Judges watch 5-6 films and then have a live discussion about each film

Do I have to commit for a specific number of sessions? Not at all. If you like it you are welcome to join for as many sessions as you like

Do you offer food or drinks? Sorry no food. But all of our locations have free craft beer. You are welcome to grab a peg!

Why should I join the jury? All sessions are conducted as fun and live discussions, where everybody participates. We believe each person has a unique and interesting perspective on films (and life!). Another perk is to hang out and become part of the family of cool film fans who love short films! All jury members are also invited to our regular social events.

Any age limit? Yes, 18+